Qarabagh 0:0 Gabala - Video
News / 10 February 2018 | 22:4350
Qarabagh 0:0 Gabala - Video

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018
Kick-off: 7:00 pm. AZT
Venue: Azersun Arena, Baku
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Ingilab Mammadov
Assistant referees: Yashar Abbasov, Namig Huseynov         
Fourth official: Ravan Hamzazadeh   
AFFA delegate: Erkin Huseynov  
Referee observer: Malik Hasanov 
Bookings: Joshgun Diniyev, 71 (rejecting referee order); Yakub Jeznichak, 72 (unsporting behavior); Rahid Amirguliyev, 78 (unsporting behavior) // Gismat Aliyev, 17 (unsporting behavior); Voislav Stankovich, 73 (unsporting behavior) 
Goals: 0
Stoppage time: 1st Period: 1 m.; 2nd Period: 3 m.

Gabala shared goalless draw with Qarabagh in the 15th tour of the season’s league. Rman Grigorchuk’s team came on the pitch just to minimize the 6-point difference from the opponent side.

The pace of the match started by mutual attacks and the Qarabagh looked faster going more into the game. The top scorer of the league Bagaliy Dabo was changed with early minute injury that affected Gabala’s show. The home side set up some many inroads into the Gabala defense but our keeper held on clear. Ruslan Gurbanov in the right drew attention by two two telegraphs backwards to the box when one missed Filip Ozobic before the second found Javid Huseynov failed on his effort.

Gabals looked faster after the break that seemed evidently with Ruslan in the right passed to Ozobic at a long corner of the goal. But the Croatian’s two shots couldn’t find anyone from Gabala. Later on, Grigorchuk introduced Gabala’s new transfer Tamkin Khalilzadeh. The hosts set up more attacks didn’t find the target. And both sides were unable to break the deadlock.

Steeven Monroze went too close to opening the scoring but saw his effort tipped wide. And Qarabagh’s Dani Kinta shot for a 21-meter drive cleared by Bezotosniy. 

Gabala Line-up:

13. İbrahim Sehiç 
5. Maksim Medvedev 
7. Rahid Amirguliyev
(25. Ansi Agolli, 83)
10. Pedro Enrike
11. Mahir Madatov
20. Riçard Almeyda
52. Yakub Jeznichak
77. Donald Gerye
91. Cosgun Diniyev
(2. Gara Garayev, 74)
14. Rashad Sadıgov (k)
99. Dani Kintana


1. Anton Kanibolotski
89. Nijat Mehbaliyev
21. Arif Dashdamirov
30. Abbas Huseynov
32. Elvin Yunuszadeh
44. Aghabala Ramazanov
90. Ramil Seydayev

COACH: Gurban Gurbanov

Gabala Line-up: 
22. Dmytro Bezotosniy
3. Voislav Stankovic
8. Gismat Aliyev
9. Bagaliy Dabo
(45. Famussa Kone, 13)
10. Ruslan Gurbanov
11. Asif Mammadov
14. Javid Huseynov (C)
(33. Tamkin Khalilzadeh, 75)
15. Vitaliy Vernydub
19. Filip Ozobic
28. Steeven Monroze
34. Urfan Abbasov 

23. Agil Mammadov
35. Murad Popov
4. Elvin Jamalov
5. Rasim Ramaldanov
6. Elvin Mammadov
16. Omar Malone
18. Ilgar Gurbanov
29. Hajiagha Hajiyev
32. Amin Seydiyev

COACH: Roman Grigorchuk