Record details after beating Khazar Lenkoran
News / 21 February 2012 | 20:0088
Record details after beating Khazar Lenkoran

Beating Khazar Lenkoran on Tuesday 2:1 in the home match of the 21 round of the Premier League, Gabala added some more remarkable points in their path record.  

-  Urfan Abbasov made his debut in the 66th minute for Gabala to be the 130th player of the team so far. He is also 114th in the Premier League as other sixteen played only in cup games.

Just cast your mind back to the last tour outing against Simurg, when French Yannick Kamanan and Elmar Bakhshiyev also performed for their debut in Gabala. With seventy three native footballers, other fifty seven are from twenty six foreign countries like Georgia (9), Brasil (6), Russia (6), Serbia (5), Ukraine (5), Moldova (3), Holland (2), Bulgaria (2), Rumania (2), Argentina, Guinea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Iran, Congo, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Jamaica, Scotland and France. Six of them represent their original countries although they have already been nationalized.

-  Our team conceded the first goal after unbeaten streak of four matches, since the last time Pavel Doroshev failed to deny the goal by Samir Abbasov of Sumgait Shahar in the 15th league week on 4 December 2011. The Latvian keeper was unbeaten in further four games, 437 minutes, before seeing the ball in his net from Rahid Amirguliyev of Khazar Lenkoran.

The Khazar Lenkoran match was jubilee for our two footballers with Luis Hilario playing for Babala twentieth time as it earnes Bruno da Silva thirtieth premier League match with us. 

-  Scoring the all-important goal against tha last opponents, it was Deon Burton”s thirteenth shot on target in Gabala to earn him to be third on the shooters rating. Now the Jamaican is ahead of Ibrahim Huseynov by one goal following Kanan Karimov”s five and Rovshan Ahmadov”s seven goals. But Deon is the best goal shooter scoring so far only in the championship.

-  The match against Khazar Lenkoran was also our 160th in Premier League with Burton”s goal which was the 160th in total home matches, and ninetieth in home games of the Premier League.

-  Fatih Kavlak”s men are still unbeaten in seven events since the defeat to Baku 1:2 on 26 November 2011 for eighty seven days with five wins and two draws and 10:2 goal differences. Six of those matches were played in the championship.

-  Gabala are also unbeaten in six shows at home since the 0:2 loss to Simurg on 29 October 2011, five in the Premier League and one cup game.

- With 32 points, Gabala now beats their 31-point indicator in the last league season, but still are behind from 36-pints record in the 22 matches matches of 2009/10 season. Now this record can be beaten by four points from the two forthcoming gamess