Second victory in Antalya training camp - Photogallery
Match report / 17 January 2015 | 18:24314
Second victory in Antalya training camp - Photogallery

Gabala - FC Vorskla Poltava - 2:1
Goals: R.Fomin, 47 . J.Huseynov, 86 - Sickaruk, 40.
Starting the 13th day of the Antalya training camp in Turkey with the 3:2 victory over Adana, Gabala met against FC Vorskla Poltava at the second trial match of the day. The red-black side took their second win over Ukrainian-based team in 2:1.

Gabala line-up:
30. Anar Nazirov (22. Dmitri Bezotosny)
34. Urfan Abbasov
44. Rafael Santos (5. Sadig Guliyev)
15. Ruslan Abishov
16. Ruslan Taghizadeh
4. Elvin Jamalov (25. Adrian Ropotan)
19. Aleksey Gay
6. Rashad Sadigov
14. Javid Huseynov
27. Bakhtiyar Soltanov
18. Ruslan Fomin (9. Victor Mendy)

The sides played very carefully in the half and the deadlock was broken only in the 40th minute with goal by Sickaruk of the Ukrainian team.

After the restart, Gabala took the lead by quick attacks led to the level on 47 minutes when Ruslan Fomin scored his first for the red-black squad. The Javid Huseynov doubled Gabala”s lead in the 86th minute with the all-important goal – 2:1.