They all are in our watchful mind, Grigorchuk says
News / 18 September 2017 | 10:43106
They all are in our watchful mind, Grigorchuk says

Gabala head coach Roman Grigorchuk talks to media reporters for post-match reaction after the 1:3 victory over Sabail in the 5th tour away of the Azerbaijan Premier League.

“We are really satisfied by the win that was worked out by our footballer. I didn’t see clearly the offside goal so I can’t feel discontented. But I’m sure there was no offside with Andy Halliday and the linesman picked up the flag.

Following Javid Huseynov’s change, we did it in probability of a next harder injury. I always say what I see. Referees also can make mistake but if it runs on ongoing process then we have to hold on in a good phycology form. 

I was feeling cooled down and controlling everything in early minutes. There are five to six young players training with the team and it not so much important who plays. More important is to get them ready to get foothold in a starting line-up. Today, Gismat Aliyev looks closest to this class amongst them. They all are in our watchful mind and we believe in them”.