Third high-scoring victory in a row - Video
News / 3 December 2017 | 22:5195
Third high-scoring victory in a row - Video

Gabala 3:0 Keshla
Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017
Kick-off: 4:00 pm. AZT
Venue: Gabala City Stadium
Crowd: 300
Referee: Ingilab Mammadov
Assistant referees: Mubariz Hashimov, Isgandar Aliyev
Fourth official: Ravan Hamzazadeh
AFFA delegate: Mubariz Huseynov
Referee observer: Fazil Mursudov
Bookings: Ekigho Ehiosun, 88 (unsporting behavior) // Pardis Farjad-Azad, 30 (unsporting behavior)
Goals: Bagaliy Dabo, 24; Filip Ozobic, 51; 56
Stoppage time: First Half: - 1 m; Second Half: - 2 m.

Gabala beat Keshla by 3:0 in the last league tie of 2017. Roman Grigorchuk’s team started faster and took the lead in early minutes. And the opponent side backed on counter attacks. Keshla’s Farcad Pardis-Azad went too close to open the scoring but he lost his chance coming one on one with the keeper. Bagaliy Dabo capitalized on the ball in the 22nd minute but saw his effort denied by the visiting keeper. His dynamism seemed as matter of time 2 minutes before opening the scoring. His 12-meter drive passed the opponent goal keeper. This was the season’s ninth goal by Dabo as a part of his all 20 for Gabala.

The goal prompted Keshla to step up their inroads into the Gabala defense and Slavik Alkhasov’s scoring was cancelled by our keeper Dmytro Bezotosniy.

Later on, Dabo’s powerful shot was unable to find the target and the returned ball was hit by Gurbanov saw his effort passed wide.

After the restart, Grigorchuk added more dynamism to the Gabala forward introducing Filip Ozobic. This was an integral part of the red-black team’s great show tonight. Asif Mammadov set up the midfielder doubled Gabala’s lead with a great effort from the edge. Later on, Filip scored one more with a 35-meter free kick sealing his double. It was the overseas footballer’s fifth goal over last five days after the triple in the last cup match. He extended his scoring list to 22 goals.

It could have been worse to Keshla but Steeven Monroze failed on his effort. Then the visitors threw everything against Gabala and set up three troubles to Bezotosniy.

The result left Gabala with their third high-scoring win in a row, including two in league.

Gabala Line-up:

22. Dmytro Bezotosniy
3. Voislav Stankovic
4. Elvin Jamalov
(90. Ekigo Ehiosun, 63)
8. Gismat Aliyev
9. Bagaliy Dabo
10. Ruslan Gurbanov
(18. Ilgar Gurbanov, 78)
11. Asif Mammadov
14. Javid Huseynov (C)
28. Steeven Monroze
34. Urfan Abbasov 
45. Famussa Kone
(19. Filip Ozobic, 46)


23. Agil Mammadov
35. Murad Popov
5. Rasim Ramaldanov
6. Elvin Mammadov
12. Andy Halliday
17. Roman Huseynov
29. Hajiagha Hajiyev
70. Ulvi Isgandarov
88. Tellur Mutallimov

COACH: Roman Grigorcuk

Keshla Line-up:

1. Orkhan Sadigly
2. Sertan Taskin
(80. Rafael Maharramli, 54)
3. Denis Silva (C)
4. Slavik Alkhasov
6. Samir Zargarov
9. Pardis Farjad-Azad
22. Ilkin Gırtımov
24. Fuad Bayramov
(77. Oleg Huseynov , 85)
27. Adrian Skarlatake
66. Murad Gayaly
88. Mammad Guliyev
(46. Asad Masimov, 54)


16. Sahin Zakiyev
33. Tarlan Guliyev
39. Alibay Mammadli
40. Asif Valiyev
53. Emil Aliyev
56. Urfan İsmayılov
58. Sinan Akkoyun
81. Elvin Jafarguliyev
99. Rijat Garayev

JOAJH: Ramiz Mammadov