Training program for girls in Gabala
News / 27 December 2011 | 20:00149
Training program for girls in Gabala

Gabala Football in the Community is launching its next program where underage girls in Vandam village of Gabala are undertaking football trainings. The 14-15 year old kids are of Vandam’s Secondary School number 2.

The initiative comes from attention that girls are paying to trainings at the club every week, as well as their enlarging attendance among crowds during matches.

Head of the department Joe Doyle says such attention is a good result of the right propagation: “Actually, it was in our plan to involve girls in trainings by a special program as a part of communicating operations. What was delaying to launch the program was most parents that were not willing their daughters to join soccer actions. But over time, the proper popularization and an increasing interest in football among population put the question on better way to be solved”.

Gabala’s FITC intends to extend the program into other villages in the near future as the department takes into consideration teen girls’ boosting enthusiasm on soccer.

FITC is a famous project of the club in Gabala through its communicating programs.