Trio of Gabala
News / 27 January 2012 | 20:00120
Trio of Gabala

It is almost common to see Yannick Kamanan, Victor Mendy and Abdulkader Kamara frequently gathering both in and out of the training field. French is the best language connecting the trio who are tied as much as no-air-leak. So has no wish to separate them taking interview about the Antalya winter training season.

- How is the preparation going on prior to the league matches?

Y.K: All are great and on a good way to the progress. We are training hard to be ready to the league games. I have already tested myself by two games, first of which was a bit hard when we were not feeling each other well in the pitch. But timely we are getting closer in the team being far less than two weeks from the important matches, so we guys have to beneficially use this remaining time.

V.M: We are having very rigorous training by new coach Fatih Kavlak, who makes us to observe many good changes in progress - confidence boost as it is evident also during these trainings.
We made a good start to the preparation and are keeping it going well. Despite Gabala lost the earlier two testing matches, we got some courage from them. And yet there are three matches left for amending on our shortages.

- How well are the team prepared to the premier league competition?

Y.K: I can"t say anything exact about this but we can see it at the first game of the league. It would be hasty to be sure on being ready if we lose the closest show of the league. If I"m ready my teammates may be not, and as you know, a good result depends on a complex readiness of a team.

V.M: The current trainings are very crucial for preparing to the important matches in February. We can enjoy out of the field, but the team are different in the pitch considering that we have to reach to the target. We feel the task on us and are building up our skills day after day. I can"t tell any word accurate about the up-to-date condition of us but would like to ensure you that Gabala will appear as a well prepared team at the end of the training season.

A.K: Kamanan also added dynamism to the team after joining Gabala. I believe to be shown full ready on a display soon, so I have recovered just recently. And I see big differences after we came to Gabala.

- We rarely see you departed. Where does this friendship prompt from?

Y.K: Mendy and Kamara are very naughty men and I should take care of them as an elder man (laughing). Going to play for a new club, you always find there some warmer people to yourself, so Mendy and Kamara are of such a kind of men. We talk in the same language.

Sure I keep good regards with the team since the first day we met. The weather is superb in the club. I can talk to everyone in French, English and Turkish.

V.M: My relationships with every footballer of Gabala are great, but French language makes more comfortable to talk to Kamanan and Kamara. We are just like a part of a family here in Gabala.

A.K: You can call us trio as we three are like brothers. I really feel them as my close families.