Turan - Gabala 0-1
Match report / 14 December 2011 | 20:00243
Turan - Gabala 0-1

Turan 0:1 Gabala

15 dekabr  2011. Saat 14:00. Olympic Sports Complex Stadium of Shamkir. Crowd- 1,000.

Referee: Elnur Muradov

Referee assistants:  Samir Hajiyev, Knyaz Amiraslanov.

4th referee: Rasim Mammadov

AFFA representative: Mubariz Huseynov 

Referee inspector: Asif Namazov.

Yellow cards: Namig Aliyev, 59 ; Ramal Huseynov, 84 // Bruno da Silva, 12 ; Serge Djiehoua, 22 ; Pavel Doroshevs, 90 

Red card: Nodar Mammadov, 82 

Goal: Luiz Paulo Hilario, 67  

Extra time: First half - 2 min.; Second half - 4 min.


Gabala have scored the only goal at the match against Turan in the seventeenth week of the Unibank Premier League on Thursday.
The home side were obligated to receive Gabala away in Shamkir’s Olympic Sports Complex because of the turmoil after the Turan vs Garabagh derby in the 15th tour.

The half was boring as it seemed just a matter of time while the pitch should have been considered not comfortable with the uneven grass making a trouble to play well and attract the crowd’s passion. The both sides only struck to deny the ball from their own half fields. The only two episodes worth to remark were shown by Gabala’s forward Serge Djiehoua, who lashed the ball past the net from the right with the same two efforts.   

The second half was a better show than the first as Fatih Kavlak’s squad went ahead to disturb the opponent’s defense many times.
Dodo, who could not field against Inter on 11 December owing to a ban, especially played with aplomb and he threatened firstly after the previous forty five. But Anar Nazirov deflected Brazilian’s shot from good range.

Sasha Yunusoglu could have capitalized Gabala on 64 minutes if he not was a bit late to fire the ball from Baranin’s usual throw. Powering the attacks, Gabala achieved to score right after 3 minutes, when Dodo beat Turan’s two defenders and performed a goalbound shot with his special ploy- 0:1.
Although Gabala lost Nodar Mammadov with a red card for a controversial occasion – despite our protestations to referee Elnur Muradov who was undesirable for his wrong orders – Turan could not salvage a point. And, the last threat was a tackle on 82 minutes by Nuran, Dodo and Daniel Kruz. The latter kicked to finish the combination but Anar could not reach to the ball.

So, Gabala lapped up the plaudits as all points went to them for the eighth victory over Turan and saved their place in the six.

Gabala’s head coach Fatih Kavlak:

“We were here to dig in to earn three points. I congratulate my team. And now we are going towards more difficult games in the forthcoming tours. We intend to gain more points by the winter break for the determination of our further plans- about new players, it will be decision of that break period.  Aleksandr Chertaganov was absent because of injury”.


1. Anar Nazirov

4. Seymur Taghiyev

7. Ramal Huseynov (c)

8. Akif Taghiyev

(20. Azar Mammadov, min.58)

11. Georgi Beriashvili

14. Aleksandr Gogoberishvili

15. Namig Aliyev

(9. Yasin Abbasov, min.71)

19. Ruslan Abbasov

(17. Rashad Piriyev, min.87)

21. Rashad Orujov

22. Maharram Muslumzadeh

27. Zura Dzamsashvili




30. Ramil Karimov

16. Orkhan Ismayilov

18. Hafiz Aliyev

28. Tugay Alhaseynli


Head coach: Asgar Abdullayev




12. Pavel Doroshev

3. Vurghun Huseynov

6. Lyuba Baranin (c)

7. Yashar Abuzarov 

(26. Daniel Lopes Kruz, min.76)

8. Bruno da Silva

9. Victor Mendy

11. Serge Djiehoua

(17. Arif Isayev, min.46)

15. Nodar Mammadov

25. Nuran Gurbanov

33. Sasha Yunisoglu

77. Luiz Paulo Hilario Dodo

(5. Sergey Sokolov, min.90+3)




30. Grem Smith

20. Steve Olfers

22. Murad Huseynov

24. Tarzin Jahangirov


Head coach: Fatih Kavlak