Turan-Gabala 0-2
Match report / 20 December 2012 | 12:32191
Turan-Gabala 0-2

Date: 20 December 2012 / Kick-off: 14:00 / Venue: Tovuz City Stadium / Crowd: 1500
Referee: Fariz Yusifov
Referee assistants: Rza Mammadov, Azar Asgarov
4th official: Ramiz Maharramov
AFFA member: Mubariz Huseynov
Referee inspector: Ahmadagha Cabbarov
Yellows: Farid Guliyev, ;; (unsporting behaviour); Ruslan Zubkov, 57 (unsporting behaviour); Marius Kazlauskas, 76 (unsporting behaviour) // Lourival Assis, 39 (unsporting behaviour); SHahriyar KHalilov, 44 (unsporting behaviour)
Goals: Rashad Abdullayev, 76 (p.); Luis Paulo Hilario, 88
Artırılan vakht: I Part - none; II Part - 3 min.

Gabala have beaten Turan 2:0 in Tovuz within the 18th tour of the Premier League. Our last tie in 2012 was of paramount importance for getting the foothold in the top six at the table. As well as, it was a pulsating back-to-back event as Turan took their away victory over Gabala in the first round of the tournament. The recent heavy snowing smashed out the turf of the central pitch in Tovuz where it was almost impossible for the teams to play in their best.

The pace of the match started by the home dynamism but their possession was felt only by some threats in the first half. At times, the guests gave back some troubles with Assis, Bruno da Silva and Yannick Kamanan being wide of goal. On one occasion, a goalbound shot from Assis was denied by the post.

Gabala came on to be more active after the restart especially with Rashad Abdullayev in the right. With the Gabala captain, the home defence looked digging into hard work to deflect him. At times, they even were forced to make fouls on him, one of which was charged by the 76th-minute penalty as Marius Kazlauskas held him with unsporting behaviour. Rashad"s superb goal gave relief to his previous nerves - 1:0.

The goal gave power to the visitors and it seemed as a matter of time before the 88th minute when Dodo grabbed Gabala"s second by a perfect goal, which was the last remarkable episode on the show. So, Gabala put an end to 2012 with winning chords. 

Turan line-up

27. Natig Sahratov
5. Farid Guliyev
(23. Irakli Beraia, min.62)
6. Mikayil Rahimov
7. Azer Mammadov
8. Budag Nasirov
9. Murad Aghakishiyev (c)
13. Marius Kazlauskas
(11. Gogi Pipia, min.80)
14. Ender Gunlu
22. Salif Ballo
24. Ruslan Zubkov
26. Aleksandr Krutskevich
(17. Farmayil Aliyev, min.71)


28. Mehman Hajiyev
18. Seymur Taghiyev
16. Elmikhan Mammadov
19. Asaf Gadiri

Head coach: Afgan Talibov

Gabala line-up

30. Anar Nazirov
8. Bruno Da Silva
9. Victor Mendy
10. Luis Paulo Hilario
11. Yannick Kamanan
(18. Aleksandr Chertoganov, min.60)
22. Lourival Rodrigues
23. Shahriyar Khalilov
(3. Vurghun Huseynov, min.90+2)
26. Daniel Lopes Cruz
27. Rashad Abdullayev (c)
(7. Yashar Abuzarov, min.81)
34. Urfan Abbasov
84. Dejan Kelhar


25. Diego Costa Silva
5. Muammer Erdoghdu
19. Rovshan Amiraslanov
35. Tarzin Jahangirov

Head coach: Ramiz Mammadov

Ramiz Mammadov: “The match was really a hard work. The condition of the pitch was unfavorable to play for an enjoyable show. But anyway my team well responded to the task and won showing mental resilience". 

Afgan Talibov: “We have watched two quite different periods of the event. In the first half, the possession was on our side. It was really a difficult game at both technical and tactical points. The lack of our three main staff players was felt evident on the performance. But it went to be more difficult in the second half. In the winter, I will try to keep the 70-80 percent of the staff  to gave update to the rest".