Turan took 3 points from Gabala
Match report / 27 October 2012 | 13:47119
Turan took 3 points from Gabala

Gabala 0:1 Turan

Date: 27 October 2012 / Kick-off: 16:00 / Venue: Gabala City Stadium / Attendance: 500
Referee: Anar Salmanov
Referee assistants: Mubariz Hashımov, Yashar Abbasov
4th official: Farid Mammadov
AFFA representatives: Ramiz Abdullayev
Referee inspector: Fuzuli Nacafov
Yellow cards: Yannick Kamanan, 31 ; Daniel Lopes Kruz, 56 // Murad Aghakishiyev, 29 ; Aleksandr Krutskeviç, 74 ; Ruslan Zubkov, 83
Goal: Antonio Rukavina, 57
Unrealized penalties: Yannick Kamanan, 63 // Antonio Rukovina, 57
Extra time: I Part - 1 min.; II Part - 3 min.

Gabala lost the 10th tour match of the Topaz Premier League to Turan at home. With the kick-off, it was Gabala giving power to the match-up. The 8th-minute shot of Dodo was denied by a fist of the visiting keeper Popovic before Rashad Abdullayev gave a follow-up kick flew over the gate. Just five minutes later, Mendy was inches wide of goal after a searching cross from the captain. The pair of Kamanan and Mendy set up some threats by late efforts, but deadlock was not broken in the half.

The second period started with a heavy rain led to uncomfortable performances of the sides. Turan lapped up the plaudits for the opening goal in the 57th minute when Salif Ballo, just after being introduced, was held by foul from Daniel Cruz in the box before penalty. Diego deflected Antonio Rukavina but the latter fired the denied ball past our keeper.

After the goal, Gabala stepped up their pressures to get a chance for level just 3 minutes after the hour mark when the opponent defence committed a blot in the box. But the penalty of Yannick Kamanan was off target.

Gabala kept the possession with late efforts which worked out no successful results and the 3 points went to Turan.


25. Diego Costa Silva
9. Victor Mendy
10. Luis Paulo Hilario
11. Yannick Kamanan
(22. Lourival Rodrigues, min.64)
15. Umar Kalabane
18.Aleksandr Chertoganov
21. Elmar Bakhshiyev
26. Daniel Lopez Cruz
(19. Rovshan Amiraslanov, min.60)
27. Rashad Abdullayev (c)
(8. Bruno Da Silva, min.73)
84. Kelhar Dejan
28. Mushfig Teymurov


30. Anar Nazirov
7. Yashar Abuzarov
23. Shahriyar Xalilov
35. Tarzin Cahangirov

Coach: Ramiz Mammadov


28. Andrey Popovic
5. Farid Guliyev
(19. Asaf Gadiri, min.78)
7. Azer Mammadov
9. Murad Aghakishiyev
(22. Salif Ballo, min.56)
10. Hafiz Aliyev (c)
13. Marius Kazlauskas
14. Ender Gunlu
(23. Irakli Beraia, min.70)
21. Antonio Rukavina
24. Ruslan Zubkov
25. Nugzar Kvirtia
26. Aleksandr Krutskevic


1. Ivan Grabovac
15. Rashad Piriyev
16. Elmikhan Mammadov
18. Seymur Taghiyev

Coach: Afgan Talibov

Afgan Talıbov: “It was a real struggle. The lead was on the Gabala side, but the victory was sealed by our team. I am thankful to the opponents for the warm-up show lasting up to the end”.

Ramiz Mammadov: “We were having the lead, but unable to win. The bad weather condition affected to passing actions. I congratulate Turan on the victory. This is a show where you can be surprised by many things. Now we are expected by the match-ups against Garabagh and Neftchi, which are going to be hard works. We will really toil to fill the gap of this defeat.