Vurghun joining trainings after 2-month medical care
News / 27 February 2012 | 20:00129
Vurghun joining trainings after 2-month medical care

Vurghun Huseynov now is back to green fields after 2-month treatment. The Midfielder of both Gabala and the provisional is having a private training under surveillance of coaches.

Joining again football life style after long-term break is really exciting, Huseynov tells

“I have just started private trainings by advices of physicians and under coaches' control. It is very exciting getting back to football after two months without the ball. I really was missing fields and was passionate waiting this day to come. I’ll be in a good form soon.

It is a bit hard to tell you when I will be ready to play in the first team, but I’m convinced on getting boosted physical form soon with help of coaches. Overweighting is not a problem any more as I paid special care to my nutrition. I believe you will see me in the home team soon”.

Rovshan Amiraslanov also has just recently finished his long lasting treatment getting back to private trainings.