Want to be European Champion, - boxer Fariz says
Boxing / 28 March 2013 | 16:53227
Want to be European Champion, - boxer Fariz says

Fariz Mammadov, representing Azerbaijan and its Gabala Boxing Club on the international level, is back home after beating his Polish boxer Mariusz Biskupski at his first leg of 2013. He has been welcomed by his fans and local media members with a wreath at the Baku Airport. Mammadov shared some details on his combat at the media briefing before appreciating both fans and journalists for their attention on him. He said the fight was much difficult but his win came of his long workout:

“I underwent some problems on my form and confidence. So I got my hand injured during hard trainings. Then I lost my close friend Mubariz Najafov, Gabala"s boxer, who recently died. I was really impressed by this. We should have gone to Germany together. We even had his name registered in a coach form. And just like I said in advance, I came on the scene for Mubariz"s memory. We knew it would be a difficult fight as my opponent always was better than me on professional arena. And thank God that I won and could give this combat up to honour".

Following his future plans, Fariz reveals also about his expecting combats and wishes. He adds:

“There are some interesting offers that I think about them. As you know, I got some many titles during my all career. Now my only target is to fight for being the Europe champion. I am working on this way while I stay at the second place in Europe. I am supposed to come on fight in May that is very important to me. But the opponent is still unknown. I well understand that my rivals are getting more difficult. 

Besides, I am also expected to fight for the Europe belt for the first in Baku in December. Our another boxer is Azad Azizov to combat in that competition. Those fights will be aired live by the Eurosport TV".

At the end, Fariz appreciated his coaches and Gabala Football Club for their great role on his win.