We are satisfied by the match, Grigorchuk says
News / 20 November 2017 | 17:5435
We are satisfied by the match, Grigorchuk says

Gabala coach Roman Grigorchuk talks for post-match reaction after the 2:3 victory on Neftchi within the twelfth tour of the Azerbaijan Premier League. The Ucrainian boss says:

“We are satisfied by the match and feeling positively. The all-important was the victory that we took. As we were behind all in the last game of the tour, we were in desperate need for the three points. But I’m sad we conceded both goals from after a corner. In every such occasions, I felt in trouble. Reaching to 2:2, I looked at the time table and saw we still had a time and more chances to show in the pitch. An experienced player like Elvin Mammadov gave a mistake and I changed him after corner shots.

As I told before, Neftchi has a great potential and I think things will go better with this team. It’s a good filling to win on a strong side. I can’t say anything about the winter training camp as we still haven’t made a deal with any club for a trial match.

And there are still some many things to do with some footballers to develop the squad”.