Wednesday’s Target: only 3 point from Garabagh
News / 18 December 2011 | 20:00123
Wednesday’s Target: only 3 point from Garabagh

Fatih Kavlak, ahead of the Wednesday home match in the eighteenth tour of the Unibank Premier Leage against Garabah, says:

“Its going to be a tough display. The opponents don’t need to be introduced and the both sides are aiming to earn three points. We are in sparkling form and the target is just three points”. 

The Gabala head coach emphasized on significance of the all-important derby to save the first six.

“At present, Garabagh having the lead just through one tier with three points, which they are expected to keep at least. Our 1:0 away win over Aghdam’s team is not testimony to Gabala to feel quite confidence about the match. Actually, we are prepared more seriously to the match. Gabala intend to win and save themselves at the six. Although lack of some players, we are still in gung-ho spirit”. 

Deon Barton, Abdulkader Kamara, Yashar Abuzarov will not field against Garabagh because of injuries and Nodar Mammadov was punished with a red card at the match with Turan. But Aleksandr Chertoganov is now in training ahead of the Wednesday match after recovered his injury.