Zira 2:1 Gabala - Video
News / 29 October 2017 | 00:0276
Zira 2:1 Gabala - Video

Zira 2:1 Gabala

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017
Kick-off: 5:00 pm. AZT
Venue: Zira Sport Complex Stadium
Attendance: 1,150
Referee: Fariz Yusifov
Assistant referees: Azer Asgarov, Mubariz Hashimov
Fourth official: Aliyar Aghayev
AFFA delegate: Seymur Salimli
Referee observer: Vusal Aliyev   
Bookings: Milan Duric, 43 (unsporting behavior); Kamal Bayramov, 44 (unsporting behavior); Richard Gadze, 63 (unsporting behavior); Sadio Tounkara, 72 (unsporting behavior); Jozef Bum, 79 (unsporting behavior); Adil Nağıyev, 81 (unsporting behavior); Təmkin Xəlilzadə, 90+3 // Urfan Abbasov, 33 (unsporting behavior); Voislav Stankoviç, 35 (unsporting behavior); Ekigho Ehiosun, 51 (trying to deceive)
Bookings: Javid Huseynov, 43 (purposely kicking an opponent by hand)
Goals: Milan Duric, 19 (p.); Sadio Tounkara, 38 // Famussa  Kone, 72
Stoppage time: First Half: 1 m. / Second Half: 4 m.

Gabala lost to Zira by 2:1 in the tenth tour of the Azerbaijan Premier League. The pace of the match started by mutual attacks and Zira took more spaces going into more minutes, but Dmytro Bezotosniy showed his value keeping Gabala’s net clear.

The home side’s Milan Duric opened the scoring in the 18th minute with penalty. After the goal, Roman Grigorchuk’s men stepped up their attacks led to pulsating moments of counter attacks by the hosts. But the Gabala keeper held on clear again. Then Richard Gadze surged forward and set up a cross inti the box where Sadio Tounkara doubled Zira’s lead.

The course of the match turned into more dynamic minutes after the goal and it led to some nervous moments before Javid Huseynov picked up a red card.

As Gabala went down to then, Grigorchuk made some changes introducing Ruslan Gurbanov, Famoussa Kone and Ekigho Ehiosun to reinforce the forward line during the half-time. 

The visitors went close to score one but finished to a corner.

Quick attack by the home side led put Gadze one-on-one with the Gabala keeper but our defenders prevented the opponents from going more.

At times, Bagali Dabo was off-target and Ekigo was denied by the opponent keeper. The latter was fouled down in the box but the referee didn’t charged it as a penalty.

Going more into the second period, Famoussa Kone scored for Gabala to finish by 2:1.

Zira Line-up:
85. Kamal Bayramov (C)
3. Jozej Bum
4. Vugar Mustafayev
5. Adil Naghiyev
7. Sadio Tounkara
(17.Vusal Isgandarli, 74)
8. Milan Duric
(11. Victor Igbekoyi, 53)
9. David Manga
(13. Aleksandr Semonayev, 68)
23. Yovan Krneta
28. Tamkin Khalilzadeh
43. Richard Gadze
87. Musfig İlyasov

62. Abdulla Seyidahmadov
21. Murad Sattarly
38. Ilkin Muradov
39. Sadig Guliyev
57. Kanan Zulfugarov
COACH:  Aykhan Abbasov

Gabala Line-up:
22. Dmytro Bezotosniy
3. Voislav Stankovic
4. Elvin Jamalov
8. Gismat Aliyev
9. Bagaliy Dabo
11. Asif Mammadov
(45. Famussa Kone, 46)
14. Javid Huseynov (C)
15. Vitaliy Vernydub
(90. Ekigho Ehiosun, 46)
16. Dion Omar Malone
28. Steeven Monrose
(10. Ruslan Gurbanov, 46)
34. Urfan Abbasov 

23. Agil Mammadov
35. Murad Popov
5. Rasim Ramaldanov
6. Elvin Mammadov
12. Andy Halliday
21. Dawe Bulthuis
29. Hajiagha Hajiyev
70. Ulvi Isgandarov
88. Tellur Mutallimov
COACH: Roman Grigorcuk