2nd place in Judo Championship
Judo / 8 November 2013 | 07:51150
2nd place in Judo Championship

Gabala are striking their 2nd successful day, the last one as well, of the Azerbaijan Judo Cup of men and women. They kept themselves proud with 3 more medals after 2 golds, one silver and 3 bronzes. Today, our Vakhtang Bitiyev (+100 kg) earned Gabala a gold ahead of Soltan Aghayev (81 kg) and Vasif Sharbatli (90 kg) gaining their bronzes. Altogether, Gabala got 3 golds, one silver and 5 bronzes staying at the 2nd place on the cup table.

48 kg
1st place– Gurbanlı Aisha (Gabala)
2nd place– Mammadova Shafag (Gabala)
3rd place– Guliyeva Chinara (UGIM-2 Sumgayit)
52 kg
1st place– Huseynova Shahana (Gabala)
2nd place– Nazarova Gulshan (TIM Sumgayit)
3rd place– Eyvazova Vafa (NİZ Baku)

57 kg
1st place– Gasimova Kifayat (Attila Baku)
2nd place– Khalilova Nazakat (Neftchi Baku)
3rd place– Mammadova Gahira (Dinamo Ganja)
3rd place– Hajiyeva Nargiz (Gabala)

70 kg
1st place– Yusubova Ramila (Attila Baku)
2nd place– İbrahimova Afsana (TIM Sumgayit)
3rd place– Karimova Dursadaf (Gabala)
3rd place– Hasanli Gunel (Nagshi-Jahan Ismayilly)


66 kg
1st place– Heydarov Hidayat (Neftchi Baku)
2nd place– Karimov Tarlan (Dinamo Baku)
3rd place - Asgarov Mirza (Gabala)
3rd place– Mustafayev Bayram (Neftchi Baku)

81 kg
1st place- Rustam Alimli (Neftchi Baku)
2nd place- Abdulhagg Rasullu (Neftchi Baku)
3rd place- Soltan Aghayev (Gabala)
3rd place- Tural Huseynov (Attila)

90 kg
1st place- Ramin Gurbanov (Attila)
2nd place- Tural Safguliyev (Sarhadch)
3rd place- Vasif Sharbatli (Gabala)
3rd place- Shahin Mammadov (Attila)

+100 kg
1st place- Vakhtang Bitiyev (Gabala)
2nd place- Rafael Shahverdiyev (Neftchi)
3rd place- Ayaz Umudaliyev (Mingachevir)
3rd place- Andrey Fatiyev (Dinamo)

It is worth to remember the attendance of 358 fighters from 42 clubs and schools of Azerbaijan. The domestic contest is running with men group of 7 weight categories (-60 kg, -66 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg, -90 kg, -100, +100 kg) and with women (-48 kg, -52 kg, -57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg, -78 kg, +78 kg). The tournament intends to qualify judocas and let them to be prepare to international tournaments. The championship are going to finish today.